Oahu, Hawaii Tides

"Tides you can use on your web site."

Need the current tides for a location on Oahu for your web site? We have the current tides for 4 locations (Waikiki, Waianae, Haleiwa and Haunama Bay) on the island of Oahu. Click on the Location name is see the daily tide display. If you just need to check the tides for today or any day through December 2010 click on the Location's tide search link. Have a need to print out an entire month's worth of tides for a Location? Click on the month tides link. What about tides and tide predictions - read more.

Oahu Locations Daily Tides Tides by the Month
Waikiki (South Shore) Tide Search Month Tides
Waianae (Westside) Tide Search Month Tides
Haleiwa (North Shore) Tide Search Month Tides
Haunama Bay (Sandy's, Makapu'u) Tide Search Month Tides
Moku o Loe (Windward) Tide Search Month Tides